Unusual Conditions That Can Hurt Your Heart Performance

Jan 18 2018

Unusual Conditions That Can Hurt Your Heart Performance

Unusual conditions can hurt your heart performance. For example, dental problems, working irregular hours, and traffic delays can raise stress to dangerous levels and weaken your heart.


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Unusual Conditions: Dental Problems

People with gum disease are more likely to have heart disease. Some experts think bacteria from your gums may move into your bloodstream, leading to inflammation of the blood vessels and other heart problems. Dental checkups every six months help. Redness or soreness on the gums should prompt an immediate visit to the dentist.


Unusual Conditions: Irregular Work Hours

Working at night or irregular hours raises your risk of a heart attack, according to a recent study from Western University in Canada. Researchers say shift work has a bad impact on the body’s internal clock, which can harm the heart.  A counter is to get exercise, eat a balanced diet, and see the doctor for regular checkups.


Unusual Conditions: Traffic Delays

Research shows that spending a single hour in traffic increases odds of having a heart attack. High noise levels, like the kind you hear on a freeway, are also linked to heart disease.


Unusual Conditions: Snoring

If your partner says you regularly snore or you sound like you’re gasping for air while sleeping, see your doctor. You might have a serious condition called apnea. It can happen when your airway is partially blocked and it causes you to have pauses in your breathing. The disorder is linked to high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, strokes, and heart failure. Treatments can help you breathe easier and lower your risk for heart disease.


Unusual Conditions: Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C more often than not, combines with low cholesterol and low blood pressure, and leads to higher risk for heart disease. Researchers believe hepatitis C may cause inflammation of the body’s cells and tissues, including those in the heart.


Unusual Conditions: Sleep Deprivation

People getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night, raise their risk of higher blood pressure and cholesterol. It also increases the odds the person becomes obese and get diabetes, too. The norm should be 7-9 hours a night.


Unusual Conditions: Loneliness

Stress increases with loneliness. This is especially found with senior citizens. When you spend time with loved ones or friends, it reduces stress and keeps you active. Lonely folks are more likely to have heart disease.


Unusual Conditions: Belly Fat

Any extra weight is hard on your heart, but the kind around your midsection is especially dangerous. It may trigger your body to make hormones and other chemicals that can raise blood pressure and have a bad effect on your blood vessels and cholesterol levels. If you’re a woman and your waist is more than 35 inches around, or 40 inches if you’re a man, seriously consider a diet and exercise plan. For example, research shows that yoga and short bursts of high-intensity exercise are great ways to reduce your waistline.

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