Ultravision Probe Removes Smoke From Surgical Area, Prevents Infections And Pain

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Aug 29 2017

Ultravision Probe Removes Smoke From Surgical Area, Prevents Infections And Pain

Ultravision, manufactured by Alesi Surgical, is a machine that effectively clears smoke from the surgical area produced by lasers. Ultravision technology is significantly better than the current simple, slow, and imprecise ventilation procedures. It provides a continuous clear visual field during surgery. Most important, it is fully portable and usable in laparoscopic and robot assisted surgeries.


Ultravision Technology, How It Works


Ultravision works on the principle of electrostatic precipitation. This is a very widely used method for clearing airborne vapor and foreign particles. The Ionwand™ catheter creates negatively charged gas ions in the abdominal cavity, which then move towards the “positive” patient tissue. As the ions move, they collide with water vapor and extraneous matter and draws them away from the surgical site. Particles land, and the electrical charge flows back to the generator.  Watch this video which demonstrates how it removes smoke from the surgical area:


Ultravision Benefits

The current ventilation process is slow and inefficient. Slow venting gas clouds the surgeon’s view. Moreover, high levels of carbon monoxide leads to formation of post surgical adhesions.  Hence, additional surgeries are required to remove them. In addition, the excessive gas reduces core body temperature which is linked to longer recovery time, increased pain, as well as increased risk of post-surgical infection. Excessive carbon dioxide also stresses the heart which can complicate anaesthesia.

Ultravision gas venting and dissipation technology is an exciting and important new addition that most importantly increases surgical safety and speed.

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