Skilled Nursing Goes High Tech With Applied AI and Medical Apps

May 25 2018

Skilled Nursing Goes High Tech With Applied AI and Medical Apps

Skilled nursing homes are rapidly moving into the use of high tech and medical apps to provide high level care to their patients.


Cutting edge digital health tools enhances communication with consumers, better includes patients in their care decisions, and  improve medical outcomes.


For example, communicating directly with a patient via text message is faster than email or a telephone. Messaging also enables patients to work directly with their care team thereby saving time and increases positive medical outcomes.  Faster interaction and response times reduces the gaps in a patients record and provide them with a comprehensive view of the their health charts regardless of geographic location.



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 Skilled Nursing: Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

Patients in skilled nursing home facilities benefit from technology. Scheduling apps, workflow tools, and rapid communication between the patient and their healthcare team makes a big positive difference. Sharing information and soliciting feedback from patients and their families, removes the patients anxiety and improves healthcare outcomes.

Skilled Nursing; Grand Health Care On The Cutting Digital Edge

The Grand HealthCare System in White Stone, Queens, New York embraced the digital age and their patients are greatly benefiting.


According to Joe Yurowitz, Grand HealthCare Vice President, the typical patient today is far more “computer astute” and savvy than the type of patient healthcare providers admitted as recently as 5 years ago.


“We found that without immediate access to a computer, patients were feeling isolated from outside society. They could not connect with their to  social media, or manage their affairs such as banking and bill paying”.


Grand HealthCare invested thousands of dollars in developing a Grand Healthcare mobile App. It has all of the bells and whistles to give their patients  seamless internet connectivity. Another important benefit was the ability of staff doctors and skilled nurses to provide rapid medical interaction and positive outcomes. Patient confidence increased and their anxiety levels decreased.


Grand HealthCare’s successful use of cutting edge technology combined with the best in human skilled nursing, highlights the great benefits to patients and their families.

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