Safely View The Upcoming 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Aug 06 2017

Safely View The Upcoming 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Our staff and residents across the entire Grand Healthcare System are already buzzing about the upcoming solar eclipse!

This phenomenon is something you probably don’t want to miss. They’re actually pretty rare. The last solar eclipse to span the length of the United States took place 99 years ago. Now, it’s about to happen again in 2017. This August 21, the sun will hide behind the moon and shroud the nation in darkness from coast to coast.

The total solar eclipse will last only about 2 minutes, give or take, depending on where you live, but it’s important to take some extra care to protect yourself and your eyes. Staring directly into the sun during a partial solar eclipse can be extremely dangerous. So, to prevent you from accidentally hurting your eyes, make sure to either wear excellent sun glasses, or try making your very own pinhole projector!

In fact, here are 5 ways to safely view the 2017 total solar eclipse!



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