Robot Surgeons Bring Versatility, Affordability to Surgical Centers

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Nov 30 2017

Robot Surgeons Bring Versatility, Affordability to Surgical Centers

Robot surgery has entered a new exciting stage with the introduction of the Versius robot surgeon, manufactured by Cambridge Medical Robotics (CMR), based in the UK.  CMR’s mission is to make minimal access surgery available to all those who need it by eliminating the size, cost, and complexity of current surgical robotic systems. Versius is revolutionizing the world of surgery by delivering  the next generation surgical robot.


More versatile, affordable, and easier to use than other robots currently on the market, the Versius system is already generating significant interest. The company announced that it had closed the series-A funding round with $26 million of investment, following an initial round of more than $20 million at the end of 2016.



Versius Robot Surgeon



Robot: How The Versius Robot Surgeon Works

Versius robot surgeon uses five self-contained robotic surgical arms that are part of a slim, modular system. Each arm contains intelligence and sensing capabilities to move itself in response to a surgeon’s verbal commands or touch. In addition, the surgeon can remove arms that are not needed for a procedure because of the modular design. To achieve the required level of precision, the arms self-monitor their position and applied force at 5,000 times per second. This precision is comparable to a full-speed fighter jet measuring its location every 4 inches.


Versius robot is lightweight, portable, and transportable. They weigh 1,700 lbs. The modular robotic arms weigh 33 pounds each.


The Versius robot’s flexibility is suitable for general surgery, lower and upper gastrointestinal tract, colorectal cancer, and hernia.




Sophisticated robotic surgery on a large scale is just around the corner.  Increased precision and flexibility should result in positive surgical outcomes.

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