PhysioSensing Smart Pressure Pad to Improve Rehab

Aug 10 2017

PhysioSensing Smart Pressure Pad to Improve Rehab

Sensing Future Technologies, a startup company based in Coimbra, Portugal, has developed a system called PhysioSensing that relies on a dense electronic pressure pad to assess a variety of characteristics about a person’s physical state, including balance, limits of stability, and related parameters. It can also be used, in a combination with gaming software, to help people with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions to rehabilitate.

In fact, the hardware is even more robust than the hardware on your Wii gaming system, because the PhysioSensing has 1600 sensors providing the pressure map and the Wii Fit Balance has only 4.

medGadget has a great interview here, with their marketing director.



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Judah is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, with additional years of experience as an Admissions and Marketing Director.

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