Hemodialysis: New Technology Increases Safety, Lowers Stress

Nov 15 2017

Hemodialysis: New Technology Increases Safety, Lowers Stress

New hemodialysis technology now increases patients safety while lowering patients’ stress levels, travel times, and dangerous side effects.


NxStage Medical, Inc is a leading medical technology company, that develops, manufactures, and markets innovative hemodialysis machines for the treatment of acute kidney failure. These machines are suitable for use not only in hospitals, dialysis centers, and skilled nursing facilities, but also in patients homes.


Hemodialysis: NxStage Introduces The System One 

The System One dialysis machine was introduced in 2003 and received FDA clearance for home hemodialysis in June 2005. In 2014 the FDA cleared the NxStage System One for home nocturnal hemodialysis. The System One remains the first and only portable system cleared by the FDA for home hemodialysis.




The NxStage System One delivers therapeutic flexibility and clinical benefits in a smaller, portable, easy-to-use form. Currently, 8 of the top 10 leading renal care hospitals use the System One in acute care settings.

Most important, the machine can deliver stress-free therapy in acute care settings such as skilled nursing homes.
The portability and simplicity of set-up enables the patient to avoid grueling round trip travel to a hospital or dialysis center for their treatment. Therefore, recuperation times are shorter, stress levels are decreased, and their quality of life is enhanced.


The NxStage System One was designed to satisfy an unmet clinical need for a system that can deliver the therapeutic flexibility and clinical benefits associated with traditional dialysis machines in a smaller, portable, easy-to-use form. It is a turn key operation, easy to use, and safe, to the point that patients can use it in the comfort of their homes, as well as take it with them on vacations.


In-house Dialysis Treatment Now Offered By Post-acute Care Provider, The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Pawling



The acclaimed skilled nursing facility, The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Pawling, in Pawling, New York, has recently introduced a tremendous in-house dialysis program, which has quickly garnered recognition and high praise from all of the local hospitals and physicians and from the greater healthcare community.


For more information and to schedule a tour, contact The Grand:


The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Pawling
9 Reservoir Road
PawlingNY 12564

Phone: (845) 855-5700
Fax: (845) 855-5723


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