Heart Habits You Should Avoid For Better Long Term Health

Oct 29 2018

Heart Habits You Should Avoid For Better Long Term Health

Heart Habits fall into two categories: Good ones and bad ones. You want to max out out the good habits and avoid falling into bad habits so that your heart stays healthy and strong. Here are some heart to heart suggestions that will help you.



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Heart Habits: Don’t Sit Your Day Away

Sitting your day away is very bad for your heart. Even for most of the day is bad, too. You need to mix in amounts of activity, as well.

For example, if you have a desk job, take a short walk every hour to boost your circulation; even just 5 minutes will help you. Don’t become a “couch potato”. It’s bad for your heart, your brain, and other vital organs.



Heart Habits: Exercise is For Every Age Group

Some young people might not believe they need to exercise because they are young and healthy. Same goes for senior citizens who think exercise might be too strenuous and sweaty.


Not true. Walking, swimming, and light weight training are all fun. All you need is 15-30 minutes a day, a few days a week. You’ll see tremendous health benefits.


Don’t wait to work on keeping your heart healthy. It’s important to exercise, eat a healthy diet, and know your numbers. Numbers like blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.  Do your heart a big favor now and avoid problems later.



Heart Habits: Drink Alcohol In Moderation

Drink moderately. “Moderate” as in 1 drink a day for women; two drinks per day for men.


A daily drink may have some benefits for the heart. But, keep in mind that excess drinking raises fat levels in the blood, as well as your blood pressure.



Heart Habits: Eat Healthy

For example, try the Mediterranean-style diet. It includes delicious foods like olive oil, nuts, fruit, whole grains, fish, and lean protein.

It’s great for your heart, thanks to the “good” fats, fiber, and nutrients. And, the taste is great!



Heart Habits: Keep That Belly Fat Off!

Belly fat is bad for your heart. It should not be more t35 inches around for women and 40 inches for men. Slim down with a good diet, exercise, and quit smoking.

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