Healthcare Issues Taking Center Stage And Concern in 2018

Dec 18 2017

Healthcare Issues Taking Center Stage And Concern in 2018

Healthcare issues taking center stage in 2018 motivating organizations to increase efficiency were highlighted in a recent report by a PwC Health Research Institute new report.


The PwC Health Research Institute provides analysis on trends affecting health-related industries. The Health Research Institute is independent of any other organization’s sponsorship.


The report highlights key  trends that will impact the healthcare industry in 2018, including the rise of artificial intelligence, securing the Internet, disaster preparation, and adapting to new healthcare rules.





Healthcare: Opioid Crisis

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, overdose deaths, particularly from prescription drugs and heroin, have reached epidemic levels. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death of Americans under 50, with two-thirds of those deaths from opioids.

One focus will be to combine public and private data data and share it across government agencies to more easily identify at-risk opioid patients.


Healthcare: Securing The Internet

There will be more cybersecurity attacks, and hospitals and health systems must be prepared to protect patient data.

Currently, the PwC report states; 95 percent of provider executives believe their organization is protected against cybersecurity attacks. However, only 36 percent have access management policies and just 34 percent have a cybersecurity audit process.


Healthcare: Say Hello To AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Look for healthcare organizations  to increase efficiencies by automating tasks in 2018 with AI. For example, routine tasks such as paperwork (82 percent), scheduling (79 percent), timesheet entry (78 percent) and accounting (69 percent) will be sped up with AI tools. Indeed, thirty-nine percent of healthcare executives told PwC they were investing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics.


Healthcare: Disaster Preparation

This years hurricanes have highlighted the importance of disaster preparation for all healthcare facilities. For example, keeping generators and critical systems in an underground concrete site. In addition, maintaining back-up systems in times of emergency.

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