Great ways to stay Hydrated

Aug 02 2017

Great ways to stay Hydrated

Hydration is essential to keep your body working smoothly and efficiently. Your organs, muscles, and joints need it and it also helps your immune system fight off germs. Water is great for your great skin and maintains your correct body temperature when you’re hot. Drinking water will help you lose weight and lower your chances of kidney stones, too. If it’s not part of your daily routine, make these changes right away.



Eat Your Water

Most people get about 20% of the water they need each day from food. It gets into your system more slowly that way and can come along with nutrients you need. Foods that have a lot of water include watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes.



Hydration: Eat Soup

It’s mostly water, and there’s one for every taste. Make it from fish, chicken, beef bones, or vegetables. Add beans, greens, meats, grains, or veggies. And of course, eat the world famous homemade chicken soup, great for combatting colds: You’ll get more H2O, and you will shake your cold faster.



Hydration Tip, Sparkle It

Are you looking for something with a little more zip, then sparkling or fizzy water will do the trick. The bubbles can give your beverage a splash without adding sugar and other things that aren’t good for you.



Hydration Benefits

Most importantly, here are several fabulous benefits you get staying hydrated:

  • Fluid balance
  • Muscle fuel
  • Fatigue buster
  • Clear skin
  • High energy level
  • Calorie control
  • Brain Boost
  • Joint greaser


Just Do It!

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