Cut Unhealthy Fat From Your Foods And Live Longer

Sep 13 2017

Cut Unhealthy Fat From Your Foods And Live Longer

Cutting fat from your foods doesn’t mean you have to eat boring, tasteless dishes. Because, now you can enjoy your favorite foods with all their flavors intact, and still lose weight if you follow these tips.



Fat Free Pizza

Everybody loves pizza. Stay healthy and always order your pizza with double tomato sauce and low-calorie cheese. Men who eat a lot of tomato products tend to have less prostate cancer since tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene. Just reduce the mozzarella by one-third and it will save you 20 grams of fat per pie. That adds up.


Low Fat Fries

If you love french fries, always order the large steak fries. Large-cut fries don’t absorb as much oil as shoestring or curly fries, and that lowers the fat count.


Stir Fry It


Add a few spoonfuls of frozen orange-juice concentrate and you have a great way to add flavor to stir-fried chicken or beef with vegetables.


Heat Your Butter

Soften butter or margarine at room temperature or in a microwave. It reduces calories by one-quarter compared to spreading it on cold.


Cool Your Cans

Refrigerate canned meats, soups, gravies, and other canned foods containing fat. The fat will rise to the top and collect, so you can scrape it off.


Dilute your fruit juice

Fruit juice is sneaky fattening, a 16-ounce bottle of cranberry-grape blend, for instance, contains about 275 calories. Dump half, then refill the bottle with water. You’ll barely notice the difference, and you’ll be cutting half the calories.


Oil Your Potato

Put a splash of olive oil on your baked potato instead of the usual butter or sour cream. Olive oil is healthy, nutritious, and is a better substitute every time.


Avoid Rubbery Cheese

To prevent low-fat cheese from turning to rubber in the microwave, spritz your nachos with a quick blast of cooking spray, such as Pam, before nuking them. A similar trick involves spraying the inside of a grilled-cheese sandwich before you toss it in the frying pan. This adds just enough fat to make the cheese stay gooey and creamy as it slowly melts.

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