CMS Proposes Big Raises For Post Acute Skilled Nursing Homes

Jul 02 2018

CMS Proposes Big Raises For Post Acute Skilled Nursing Homes

CMS (The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services) has proposed a significant funding increase for post acute care services provided by skilled nursing homes. This is part of its annual pay rules review for skilled nursing facilities, hospices, and inpatient rehab facilities.





CMS: New Rules Help Skilled Nursing Homes

Skilled nursing facilities can receive a 2.4% funding increase, or $850 million more, compared to what they received last year.

It’s well known that government regulations are many and confusing. CMS’ new proposal reduces many of these burdensome regulations on acute care providers. The new revised coverage allows a post-admission physician evaluation to count as one of the face-to-face physician visits.  In addition, it now also incorporates telemedicine consultations. For example, an acute-care doctor can now lead the interdisciplinary rehab team remotely. No additional documentation requirements would be necessary.


CMS: Acute Care At Grand HealthCare

Outstanding acute care and rehabilitation is provided by The Grand Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centers. The superb care is provided by a highly trained, experienced, and compassionate skilled nursing staff. Treatments minimize hospitalization, increase outpatient comfort, and achieves dramatic results. Each patient receives services and therapies that are tailored to their specific condition.


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