Breast Cancer Fundraiser at The Grand at Queens

Oct 25 2017

Breast Cancer Fundraiser at The Grand at Queens

Great things are happening at the Grand at Queens!

We have been busy with our Breast Cancer Fundraiser!

If you have visited the facility recently, you no doubt noted the decorative ‘goodies laden’ table in our common area with a big raffle bowl stationed not too far away!

The goodies correspond to our fundraiser items which are being sold daily and the raffle basket corresponds to our exciting drawing which will be held this Friday with one lucky winner!

The fundraiser items sale will go on until Monday, October 30th.

We are also anticipating a short ‘walk-a-thon’ for our eager and delighted residents, over the course of this weekend (more information to follow).

The sum total of our collected funds will be presented to our contact from the American Cancer Society on a date, as yet to be determined.

We look forward to presenting this wonderful charity with a significant check, collected with heart and donated from the heart!

Stay tuned.


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Judah is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, with additional years of experience as an Admissions and Marketing Director.

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