Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: Do You Want To Really Know?

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Dec 12 2017

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: Do You Want To Really Know?

Alzheimer’s disease, If you had it, would you want to know? It’s a tough decision for families and physicians alike. The Alzheimer’s Association found that only 45 percent of Medicare beneficiaries diagnosed with Alzheimer’s had been told their diagnosis by a physician.


But a new British survey shows most people want to know, even though the disease is terminal. In a UK poll of more than 2,000 people as part of the annual Alzheimer’s Research UK Appeal, 76 percent of respondents said they would want to receive a formal diagnosis from a physician, even though there is currently no treatment for the disease. People were more likely to want the knowledge of a diagnosis if they were 45 or older, or if they had experience with a loved one’s dementia.




Most survey respondents said the knowledge would be a welcome explanation of forgetfulness and behaviors as it help them in dealing with the diagnosis.

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Barry graduated from City University of New York and holds a Ph.D. in Physiological Psychology.

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