Aged Seniors Should Avoid Excuses To Not Exercise Regularly

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Oct 22 2018

Aged Seniors Should Avoid Excuses To Not Exercise Regularly

Aged seniors should avoid making excuses to avoid exercising. As we age, exercise is important in maintaining our health and quality of life.





Aged: Exercise Is Fun


Excuses are convenient but once you get into a routine, exercise is fun. Here are several ways you can override the standard excuses seniors offer up to avoid exercising:


Excuse: I don’t have the time


The solution is to schedule  a short 15-30 minute session first thing in the morning. It can be a short walk, riding a bike, or even some light calisthenics. If you can incorporate it into a task you that’s on your daily schedule, that’s even better. Exercising first thing in the morning will also set a positive tone throughout the day.


Excuse: It’s Boring


It doesn’t have to be. It’s easy to keep the ex

ercise interesting and fun. For example, pair up with a friend or a small group. Conversation makes the time go by real fast, you’ll be amazed. In addition, you might want to alternate exercises on alternate days to keep you fresh and engaged.


Excuse: It’s Too Expensive


No, not really. All you need is an inexpensive pair of walking shoes. If you want to do strength training, just use soup cans or water bottles.


Excuse: I’m Too Tired


Believe it or not, regular moderate exercise actually helps reduce fatigue and manage stress. Who knows, the extra energy might even convince to add more exercise time to your schedule.


Exercising on a fixed schedule has been shown to improve memory, increase energy, and strengthen your immune system. It also is a great  way to keep your weight under control.

And, once you get into a groove, you won’t want to turn back.

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